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Showreel services for actors and creatives


Hi we are Sophie and Rob the Directors at Showreel Talent

At Showreel Talent, we specialise in creating unique and tailored showreels that showcase what type of roles and characters an actor or a creative will be going for and working as.
We pride ourselves on collaborating with the creatives and their management team to find that niche in the market that you would be perfect for. No performer or performance is ever the same and we should be embracing that inherent uniqueness in us all.
We want to find that something in your performance that will make you stand out above the crowd.

We want every showreel to feature the actor at their best doing what they are going to be cast for.

We will work with you and your management to see what you are being submitted for, what your 'TYPE' is and writing bespoke, unique scenes for that type.

We want to make it easy for the Casting Director to see you in that role before they see you in the room.


What we do


We set up a meeting on zoom and get to know you, your casting 'type' and what roles you are being submitted for. We then decide what would be suitable for your own bespoke showreel. 




We go away and write your unique scenes that are specific for your casting 'type' and will show good range on your reel. 

We set a date and get your reel shot.
We use a Black Magic Cinema Camera on all of our shoots that is equipped with everything thats needed to give any scenes a deep cinematic feel. We use olympus lenses to get that super sharp focus that makes the character 'pop'.

We get the scenes edited within a MAXIMUM of two weeks - faster turnaround is available for those that need it.

We use Davinci resolve to edit and professionally colour grade your reel.

The final edit will be sent via wetransfer.

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Sophie Linder-Lee/Rob Stanfield

+44 79 8884 6331

Thanks for submitting! We will endeavor to get back to you soon!

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